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Ministry That Points to Christ, Part 3

Ministry That Points to Christ, Part 2

Open Hearts, Open Homes

Whose Face Is In the Mirror? Caring

Ministry That Points to Christ, part 1

Colossians 1.24–29 is where it is for good reason: to show how all our service is to point to Jesus Christ

What We Were, Are & Will Be

The all-sufficient Christ has done, is doing and will complete a great work in those who receive Him

Returning to Colossians

We return to Paul’s letter to the Colossians and get caught back up after some time away

Transparent Mirrors - Living Worship

Living our lives as constant worship unto God lets others see through us and see Jesus Christ

Mirrors Polishing Mirrors

Sticking with the mirror analogy from last week, Pastor Kevin challenges us to obey the command to make disciples.

Mirrors of Glory

At the outset of a new year, it’s good fo a church to know why it exists and where it’s going. In this message, Pastor Kevin lays out a Scriptural purpose for being a church.

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