Ministry to Children


Our Ministry to Children

The overriding purpose of the Cornerstone E.F.C. Christian Education Ministry is to glorify God by helping us to know God through solid biblical instruction in order to equip us for service.

We will see this come about by:

1. Developing a Christian Education ministry that serves to strengthen and encourage the biblical instruction in the home.

2. Developing an ongoing training program for teachers and leaders within our Christian Education ministry.

3. Developing and providing opportunities for all ages for service within our church and our community.

This coming year, 2011–2012, finds all our children’s classes, from the 2 & 3-year olds on up through the 6th Grade, studying the same theme:



Generations of Grace. We have found this curriculum to be solid biblically, centered upon God and very Christ-centered.  We began last fall with each student learning to see God more and more in the Old Testament as the God who has called a people unto Himself through His Deliverer, Jesus Christ. Starting in Deuteronomy, the kids will learn how God has spoken to us through His Word, has given laws & commandments to obey and that it only possible to truly please God by trusting Jesus as God’s Deliverer.

So, if you have children age 2 on up through the 6th grade, join us for these special times in God’s Word.

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